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Price and details on application 

Price and details on application 

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I came to ceramics later in life after going through a difficult emotional period. I was having counselling at the time and it was suggested that I try something creative to help me.


I reluctantly joined a pottery class with not much hope of things improving but little was I to know how my life would change.


As soon as I picked up a ball of clay and held it in my hands a complete transformation began to occur and over the next few years a creative and artistic aspect of myself that I was not even remotely aware of appeared and blossomed and these days all I think about is ceramics and the possibilities of what I can create with my imagination.

I have attended a number of pottery classes and particularly enjoyed my time spent with Bill Moore doing Clayability in the Walled Garden in Wrington. He encouraged me to apply to do a degree in Ceramics and I am due to start at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

At present I work from home in Bishop Sutton making mainly bespoke items, usually commissions working with individuals to create works of art/functional items mainly for the home. My new studio at the bottom of my garden is nearly complete. You will find me here most days tinkering with some project, in my element !

I am passionate about both texture and colour using techniques like sgraffito and Mishima to decorate the surface of my pots.
I really enjoy making larger items which I make from rolling out slabs of clay. I make great centre pieces for dining tables including fruit bowls and large vases etc. By making large items I can really show off my designs, textures and colours. I usually start off with an idea but then each piece evolves organically. I also have a new Skutt Professional Potters wheel and make wheel thrown pieces.


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Price and details on application