Amber Rollinson


Cyanotype toned in coffee


15.1cm x 27.6cm


Rollinson Amber - Heron marked .jpg




14.3cm x 18.7cm


Rollinson Amber - The Coming Storm marke

Amber started making cyanotypes after doing a short course in alternative photography.


She has always been interested in art and enjoyed studying it at school but never found a process that so caught her attention like this one. 

A keen walker, she likes to make her cyanotypes and other prints based on places she has seen and explored, be it the Cornish coast, Fiji, or the gentle rolling landscape of the Chew Valley - landscapes infuse her work. 

Amber believes the most intriguing images are those with a narrative so she loves including figures in moody backdrops to add drama and complexity to a scene.

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The Coming Storm

Cyanotype toned in coffee


19cm x 23.5cm