Kate Wright

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Kate produces unique and beautiful objects using modern interpretations of decoupage.


The basis of her work is upcycling items found in charity shops and jumble sales, mainly vases and jugs but also ornaments, picture frames and other household goods including small pieces of furniture.

Kate works in a wide variety of styles, making objects to suit most tastes. The images here demonstrate that diversity, from vintage to modern, from traditional to quirky and bohemian.


Because the bases are all one-off finds, no two pieces are ever alike. They are all reasonably priced, between £5 and £20, making them perfect as unique gifts.


Her exhibits have proved very popular at the last three Chew Valley Arts Trails, as a result of which Kate has run several “try it yourself” workshops for adults and children at home in Chew Magna.


A range of Kate’s work can be seen at home by appointment, or on sale permanently in Midsomer Norton Craft.


07585 466 308 

Her technique involves covering the objects with tissue paper, then applying several coats of clear varnish. The combination of glue and varnish makes the finished objects water resistant, and so the vases and jugs can be used for their original purpose.